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Exclusions for Incremental Jobs in Backup Exec 2012

Created: 20 Feb 2013 • Updated: 22 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

There are two different scenarios that I would like to use the Exclusions feature for Incremental Backups in Backup Exec 2012 for.

1.  I would like to Run a weekly full backup of my Vsphere 5.1 virtual machines, however, for the daily incremental of these virtual machines, I would like to exclude a couple of the machines.  I see that there is a Exclusions feature in the job setup for Incremental type jobs, but I am unfamiliar with the syntax to use to exclude these two machines from the Incremental backup.  I cannot find any articles on how to do this either.

2.  Similar to the above, but with a physical machine.  I have a Physical machine that is running SQL Server.  I would like to run a Weekly Full Backup, a daily Incremental/Differential backup and an hourly Log Backup.  I want the Log backup to only backup the SQL Logs, which means that I need to exclude all of the local drives, the System State and the Utility partition from this backup.  Once again, I don't know the syntax to do this.  I have tried typing in C:, D:, etc into the exclusions but the job still tries to backup those drives when I just want it to backup the SQL Logs.

Any tips you can provide would be awesome.  Thank you.

Jason Beebe

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Gurvinder Rait's picture

the selection is tied to the Full and Incremental. You cannot exclude it the way you want to.

A better way would be to have a backup job for the ones that you want to have a full and incremental

Backup the other VMs only once a week. (Note : 5.1 is currently not supported with BE 2012)

For the other question I would advice to backup sql resources seperately , you can setup a full, Incremental and log backup in one job and backup the rest of the server is another job.

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Those are good suggestions. That confirms that the Exclusions section in the job detail is useless, which is what I expected. I will implement your suggestions.

FYI, I have been using BE 2012 with vSphere 5.1 without any problems.

Thanks again,

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Another reason why you should separate your database backups from your file backups is that for database backups you need to turn OFF AOF, whereas you need to have AOF on for file backups.