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Execute a command under Windows 7

Created: 06 Aug 2012 | 3 comments

I have read this:

and guess that this is my problem, but has anyone had any luck fixing this? I am using AutoIT exes to start a VMWare image, but I have disabled the Interacive Services Detection service and the task still does nothing. I can't even find out why. The logs show Ghost ran everything successfully, but the exe is still not run at all. I don't even get the Windows popup for it anymore.

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This is a standard feature of Windows 7 as Microsoft no longer support the interaction of services with the desktop. This is a security measure.

I refer you to :


For a service to interact with the desktop it is now necessary to provide a coded solution - for example, you have a separate process running in the user context that communicates with the service using one of the available communications options, eg Named Pipes.

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Wow! I will have to read up on this to figure out how to do all that. Thanks.

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Ok, I managed to hack my way around this.

I created a batch file that runs PSExec and used the -i to start the command in Session 1:

PSExec -h -i 1 C:\VMWare\vmware.exe

This ensures I can see it. The only odd thing is that VMWare starts as SYSTEM but with a session id of 1. I may try the -u -p commands to run as Administrator.