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Execute Stored Procedure spResourceTargetDeltaUpdate

Created: 07 May 2014 | 3 comments

Does anyone know a way to execute this SP against a particular GUID?  In my workflow I am adding a computer to a filter, but there is a delay when the policy updates its targets.  I wanted to force an update on the policy then I am triggering an update settings on the client.

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Have you tried the stored procedure caller generator against this stored procedure? I'm using this particular one as well to update targets. Once the component is generated, all options can be ignored besides the resource target guid. 

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and the resource target guid would be the guid of my policy correct?

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The resource target guid is the guid of the policy's target (under the "Applied To" section of the policy), not the policy itself.

The policy is associated to a target via the ItemAppliesTo table.