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Existing Oracle 11g License

Created: 13 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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Hi there. This time my customer would like to know whether they can utilize their existing license for Oracle 11g. Is this possible?

If so, does Oracle dictate that DLP DB must be installed on a 'central' database server (along with all other Oracle DB instances in that environment)? Or a new instance for DLP can be installed on its own dedicated server? (this looks more an Oracle question rather than Symantec, but I will appreciate your assistance)

Thanks in advance...

- Moh

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does this relate to your other question on tiering?

Oracle is is supported on RHEL and server 2008, it is not supported on aix or anything esle.

The oracle 11g license that comes with symantec dlp is specifically licensed for symantec and is only set to run services for dlp.

take a look at your other question as i posted the guide for oracle install for dlp.

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Yes, this was the next natural question after you answered the first concern. The question simply is; my customer are planning to purchase DLP Standard 11.6 but already have Oracle 11g, so can they use that for DLP Standard?

The Oracle guide you uploaded is very useful but honestly I couldn't find this specific information.

Thank you.

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Yes Mohammad,

As u have already licence for DLP and Oracle DB which will be use for 11.6 but as part of upgradation u need to purchase licence for ver 11.6 which will include licence for oracle DB. It is not a separate licence.

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You can use your own instance. What i understand is Symanted only support out of box template or backup procedures. Other than that, you need to get support from Oracle.