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Created: 08 Apr 2013 | 1 comment

Sir recently I mean four months back I have bought WD elements external harddisk of size one TB and I have taken backup all my files of size 750GB. While operating on linux the disk has been corrupted and I was unable to access my files on windows and able to access files on linux so I have copied all my data to another external harddisk(segate) of size one TB . Then I reformatted elements harddisk and then I have copied all my data from segate disk to elements disk. know when I view the properties of any folder it is showing different file count and different size in different file browsers like windows explorer,nautilus and dolfin (linux related).

I have tried stellar phoniex data recovery software to solve this issue and the scanning of harddisk only is taking 11 hours.I have tried Rstudio but no use.

I have ran chkdsk /f /c in windows8 elevated mode and the process is taking 14 hours.

As I am in a remote area I am not getting 24 hours power to solve this issue and I am getting maximum 12 hours power without interruption.

From the past 50 days I am trying to solve this issue even not succeded.

please notice that I am using segate external disk as temporary disk.All my data of size 750GB is on segate disk but I am unable to view all the content. My goal is I want to store all the data on WD elements USB external harddisk.

please suggest how to solve this issue with in minimum amount of time.I want to view all my files properly on any PC and in any OS

Yesterday I bought nortan ghost 15 suite.can I run ghost on segate disk and then store all data to wd elements disk.So please suggest the procedure in detail. I have tried to use nortan ghost 15 software but I am confusing.


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...what are you trying to do? Recover your data off the drive or back it up? If you're trying to back it up, Norton Ghost isn't the way to go as, firstly, you're in the wrong forum, and secondly, Backup Exec can do this.

If you're trying to recover your data, then Connect isn't the place to do this and you need to look at a third party application like GetDataBack for NTFS to do so.


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