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Expired Data not deleted!

Created: 07 Jul 2014 • Updated: 08 Jul 2014 | 5 comments


I need to free up disk space on my backup system.(Backup exec 2012, exchange 2007 storage groups backup)

I thought I understood the rules that backupexec uses to free up disk space, but it does not work as expected.

I have a Backup to disk then to Tape setup, the idea is that after a new full backup all Data of the last full backup and its incrementals depending on will be deleted while the backups on the Tapes stay!

But Backupexec only delets the last incremental immediately before the new full backup, everything else stays on disk. See the the picture.


As you can see, the Data before the last full backup is expired and should be deleted.

How to setup this?

Thanks in advance



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I am having similar issue as well. Backup Exec doesnot delete the expired backups. How to get rid of this issue?

 Any help will be greatly appreciated,



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Same here - BE 2014 for Windows with Hotfix 218257 - Backup sets disappear from within BE but the .bkf files remain on disc.

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Hi folks,

Starting with Backup Exec 2012, disk backup storage is managed by a new disk management function called Data Lifecycle Management (DLM). This allows BE to correctly manage disk targets and remove expired backup data. The Backup Definitions (jobs) have a setting for how long the backup data should be kept. After that timeframe has expired, DLM will delete the backup sets from Disk. DLM checks for any expired data every 4 hours by default. DLM is only used for disk targets (Backup to Disk (B2D) and Deduplication), while tape targets are managed by Media Sets like the previous versions of BE.

This being said, there are several considerations you should factor in. For example, if the backup image is the last recovery point, it will not be deleted until there is a newer one. The following article explains the two main situations where an expired backup sets will not be deleted after the expiration date and/or inability to overwrite or delete the last backup set:

I used several times the regkey mentioned within the article and that solved the problem: KEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Symantec\Backup Exec For Windows\Backup Exec\Server\DeleteLastRecoverySetsOnceExpired. This registry key should delete all expired backup images.

Hope this helps.

Virgil Dobos | Sr. Technical Consultant | Condo-Protego | 

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I read this manual before I started this topic. The strange thing is that DLM is deleting the one incremental(and only that) immediatly before the newer Fullbackup!

All other incremental and the second last Fullbackup stays on the disk(they are all expired). You can see this in the capture I added to my post. Every week when it comes to the fullbackup I have to delete every backupset by hand, which cost me a lot of time.

I will check this regkey to get rid of the DLM.


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also check for latest Hotfix & Service packs.