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Expiring a backupid but the media remains full

Created: 18 Jun 2013 • Updated: 19 Jun 2013 | 6 comments
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Is a question

When i expired a backupid froam a mediaid that contains another backups, the mediaid remains full until all the backups in this media has expired?

I deleted a very long images to free up space but i do not get nothing

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if you sure all the data on the media is unvalid,you can try

 bpexpdate -m "media id" -d 0

and answer "y"

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No, i'm sure the data is valid, only i deleted only one image but very large, i don't want to do this

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You cannot free up any spance on a media (tape)  until all the backup s expire.

This is the same for any backup software.

If the media contains :







Because tapes are sequential media even if you expire Image4 , it is impossible to free up that space as you would never be able to rewrite a file to fit into the 'gap' on the tape, it just cannot be done.

Hence, a tape can only be 'reused' when all the backups have expired.


Regards,  Martin
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Your only option if you want to consolidate space is to copy the valid images to another tape, and expire the old images - since you free up the tape only when all images are expired.

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When all images are deleted or expired, then only the tape is free for further Backups.