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Export and import Backup exec 2012 jobs

Created: 16 Dec 2013 | 7 comments

Hi guys, im looking to install about 40 servers with Backup exec and the jobs will be exactly the same albeit the server name that backup exec will be installed. is there an easy way to export the settings via powershell and import in to the new server

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You can use these BEMCLI cmdlet to get what you want

Get-BEBackupDefinition | Export-BEBackupDefinition

The last cmdlet will generate a script which you can modify and then run on your new server to recreate the jobs.

See my article below on how to use BEMCLI

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Thanks looks awesome. The script has exported but whats the best way to import?

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I was testing export/import of jobs some time ago. I found it is not possible to export/import selections of the backup job. At least you can recreate the job for server which you could then modify the selections. I was able to import jobs (separately, one by one) by using this command:

& '<full_path_and_name_of_exported_settings>.ps1' -AgentServer (Get-BEAgentServer "<server_name>") | save-BEBackupdefinition

Test it before on a test environment to see what are the results

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Hi W-D so this command & '<full_path_and_name_of_exported_settings>.ps1 is would i have to run the command that phk sent then save the jobs indivudaully then run your script with the path to the separate command?  thanks

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First you need to export the definitions, then you import with the command I wrote. You can have a look on this document:

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