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Export Backup Selection list via BEMCLI

Created: 15 Sep 2013 • Updated: 24 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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Is there a chance, to export a (or all) backup selection lists via PowerShell in BE2012?

If I use "get-bejobs", I only get a summary like "<servername> (Partial), C: (Partial), D: (Partial)"

Thank you very much,

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Unfortunately, no.  I have not found a way to do so.  There is a switch in BEMCMD that does dump selection details, but BEMCLI has no equivalent function.

You might want to post this as an Idea.

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I confirm that you cannot save the selections, however the backup definition can be exported.

Check this document:

Export Backup Definitions with BEMCLI on BE 2012

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Export a single backup definition:

Get-BEBackupDefinition –name <definition name> |  Export-BEBackupDefinition > c:\<somename>.ps1

To export all definitions to a separate ps1 file:

 $jobs = Get-BEBackupDefinition
 foreach ($job in $jobs)
                 $defname = $
                 $job | Export-BEBackupDefinition > c:\$defname.ps1

Import the backup definition:
<exported-bebackupdefinition.ps1> -AgentServer  <agent server name> | save-BEBackupdefinition

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Hi everyone,
I found out, that it is possible by simply querying the database directly:

SELECT t2.[JobName]
FROM [BEDB].[dbo].[vwScriptPropertiesBackup] t1,[BEDB].[dbo].[vwScriptJob] t2
WHERE t1.scriptname = t2.scriptname AND t1.ScriptID <> '10011001-1001-1001-0101-010101010101'
AND t1.ScriptID <> '10011002-1001-1001-0101-010101010101' AND t2.jobname <> 'NULL' AND t1.DeviceSelectionName <> 'NULL'

The results are filtered to drop the default exclusions that BE does automatically.

All the best from over here,

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