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Export backup selections in BE2014

Created: 30 Jul 2014 • Updated: 31 Jul 2014 | 3 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I recently upgraded from BE 2010 to BE 2014. Everything is working well, but I need to export the selections for all my jobs for document purposes. I used to be able to get what I needed by just editing the job and copy and pasting. I don't get the same info when closing the job now.

I can see what I want to get if I open the job, click Edit, then click the Selection Details tab. This is the info I need, but I can't find anyway to get it out in text form. I could take screenshots, but that's not really what I want. I need it in text format.


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Have you checked to see if this is available via command line?

The Admin Guide will have details on the commands available.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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This may help -

This involves querying the BEDB directly which is not officially recommended, however it may serve your prupose as it did to the other user.

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Thanks VJware, that solved it for me.

I used this SQL query from your post to get the info I needed:

SELECT t2.[JobName]
FROM [BEDB].[dbo].[vwScriptPropertiesBackup] t1,[BEDB].[dbo].[vwScriptJob] t2
WHERE t1.scriptname = t2.scriptname AND t1.ScriptID <> '10011001-1001-1001-0101-010101010101'
AND t1.ScriptID <> '10011002-1001-1001-0101-010101010101' AND t2.jobname <> 'NULL' AND t1.DeviceSelectionName <> 'NULL'

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