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Export Comments to a PDF - SD 7.5

Created: 07 Apr 2014 • Updated: 11 Apr 2014 | 2 comments
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Hello All,

I am unsure if anybody ever had a request like this, however, we are requested to add an editional link (Export Comment) besides the Comments in Description webpart of an Incident View page.

When a user clicks on this link, all the user comments of that particular ticket are exported to a PDF file and that file is either available to be downloaded or emailed to user directly.

As per my understanding, I may have to create a new workflow to export the comments and publish it as a webpart and then add that webpart to the process view page as editing existing webparts has been locked in 7.5. However, not sure if this is a correct approach?

If it is, request to please share any thoughts on the logic that would be needed in developing the workflow. If no, kindly guide / refer anything on this.


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Yes, you'll need to create a new workflow to handle this request. No, it does not need to be published as a webpart; you can instead add it as a "process type action" (I suggest this method myself).

The logic for the workflow should be fairly straightforward. The workflow model will need to accept and require a value for the ReportID (if doing a process type action, might be different for web part). You can then get the ticket from that passed in value, use a foreach for comments or process history, or whatever you need.

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Thanks for the reply, Michael.

The logic did helped. However, in addition have created a SQL based component which is getting a list of comments of the ticket and then we process that to be saved in a file.