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Export Selection Lists in Backup Exec 2010 R2

Created: 26 Apr 2011 • Updated: 26 Apr 2011 | 6 comments
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We are running Backup Exec 2010 R2 and I'm looking for a way to export the selection lists, is this possible?

I need to create a database of the folders/files we backup for each job and figured exporting to an excel spreadsheet would work but I don't see this option available.

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There is no direct way to export the selection lists.

You probably can export it, but you will need to dig into the database. It can be done with excel or something.

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I found kind of a workaround, I can copy/paste the selection lists from the Properties window.

Not as simply as exporting but it will work.

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To query the Backup Exec Database (BEDB) and to export the backup selection lists to an external Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet, perform the following steps:
1) Confirm that Microsoft Office Excel is installed on the media server.
2) Open the Excel application.
3) Click on the Data Menu.
4) Click on "from other sources"  then select "From SQL Server".  The Data Connection Wizard then opens up.
5) Enter the server name: BackupExecMediaServerName\BKUPEXEC
6) Select the log on credentials to "Use Windows Authentication" and click "Next".
7) Select the BEDB database.
8) Check the option "connect to a specific table".
9) Select the following view: "vwScriptPropertiesBackup".
10) Click finish on the "Save data connection file and finish" Window.
11) Click OK in the "import data" window.  This opens the Excel sheet with all the details.  "ScriptName" list the names of all the jobs including backup jobs.
14) The ScriptName column can be sorted by the DeviceSelectionName, PathName and FileName to list the selection details for folders and file level detail.
Note:  Excel must have access to SQL Database ODBC Driversfor the procedure above to be successful.  These steps also only access the database as read-only, hence the database is not changed or altered in any way.
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This comes up every so often here on the boards

I think there is a thread in the Ideas area on this already, if not you could add it there.  If it gets enough "thumbs up" it may be included in a future build

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I have searched and found the idea in the forum.

For those who like to vote, here you can find the idea:

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