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Export SEP Computer info from SQL

Created: 28 Oct 2010 | 3 comments

This has been boggling me for days.

I'm trying to find the computer processor info stored in the SEP SQL Database. The Info that i'm looking for is highlighted below in red.

Everything else in this window eg, OS, Memory, Diskspace, Can be found in the database tables besides what i'm trying to look for.

Does anyone know where i could find this information?

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If you go to Monitors > Logs and select Computer status.

The exported txt file when renamed to a csv file will show the processor type but not the same info that you've shown.

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check the DB schema reference guide , by the mean time, i will also check on the query.

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 select * from sem_computer it should give you the result you looking for.

Therew are columsn processor_nuim and processor_type.

Hope that helps :-)