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Export tape(s) after backup

Created: 03 Apr 2013 • Updated: 05 Apr 2013 | 4 comments
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I'm creating a one-time backup every day through a powershell script, which works pritty nice.

Now, at the end of the backup job i would like to export the used tape(s) to the Mail-Slot (have three of them which is more than enough). I haven't found a good and easy way to find out which tape(s)/slot(s) where used during backup.

The only place i found the slot/tape directly was the job log:
Get-BEJob -Name "Name of last backup" | Get-BEJobHistory -FromLastJobRun | Get-BEJobLog

But, this is raw text. Don't want to start manually parse out the information needed.
So, do i somehow can get out which slot(s) have been used in a given backup job? The tape(s) used would also be good. It's easy to get the slot if i have the name of the tape.
The only solution i found so far is to search for the tapes LastModifiedDate using the StartTime and EndTime of the job. Not very nice...
Thank you very much
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I am asuming you are using BemCLI for this. Have you tried "TapeStorageEjectMediaAfterComplete" in the script?

You can find the exact syntax in the document below. I think it takes a bolean value

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Eject only "ejects" the tape (media) from the drive, which is done anyway when using a tape library.

But, there is also a "TapeStorageExportMedia" option which i haven't saw yet. Will try it with todays backup.


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Oh, I probably missed out from your original post. Yes there are a couple of options for export

'TapeStorageExportMedia' and 'TapeStorageExportMediaToVault'

Feel free to try and let me know if you have any issues.

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Just a quick feedback:

"-TapeStorageExportMedia" worked just fine.