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Export unredacted documents after production

Created: 23 Jan 2013 • Updated: 06 Feb 2013 | 13 comments's picture
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Is there a way to export an unredacted version of a redacted document with its' produced bates number?  Our client redacted a group of documents and produced them.  They then called back and wanted us to produce the same documents without the redactions and same production number.  Of course, they did not want us to delete the redactions all together. 

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So I think you might be able to do what you want by marking the run as Unproduced:

  1. To unlock and unproduce an exported production

    1. From the Analysis & Review module, select click the drop-down showing “All Documents”


      The folder window appears.

    2. Click the Productions folder to select the folder containing the production you want to

      unlock, then click the Edit icon and select Unlock/Unproduce from the Actions menu.

    3. Confirm that you want to unproduce the folder and remove all production information.

    4. If this production has been exported and is being stored on disk, delete the production export manually.

Were it gets tricky is dealing with the redaction. The want the items redacted but for you to produce them as unredacted?'s picture

The problem is that the redacted documents are not in sequential order.  They jump around.  I know there is something under Case Home/Redaction Sets that helped us a little but we had to manually rename the files on a seperate export.  Am I missing an easier way?  They both a redacted and unredacted version of these produced docs.

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Do you need to produce the origional items or a TIFF copy of the item unredacted If you produce the content including the origional items the origional items will not be redacted. Only during the TIFF'ing phase are redactions applied to produced data. Origional items are not redacted's picture

We produced out a tiff that was redacted.  Client called back the next day requesting the same tiff image unredacted (with text) and same produced bates number as redacted one. 

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Modify the the Production Folder Properties and do not select a redaction set. This will produce the data without redactions's picture

The folder is locked and does not give me the option to change the default redaction set option.  Are you suggesting I unlock, change the redaction set option, re-lock and find those needed docs by DOCID?

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You need to unlock to make any changes. Locking the folder prevents any changes during the production process's picture

I was hoping to avoid unlocking to redo.  But if that is the only option, it is what it is.  Thanks

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the other option you have is to just print them as a PDF but that wont produce any Production details such as Bates numbering and so on.

You will have to produce them again if you want to TIFF unredacted anyway and the process is 5 mins to make the change

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Hmm you could  copy the items to a new production folder, set that to a Blank unused redaction set and produce the content from the new production folder

In essence creating a new production unredacted but you will have to copy all the production details from the existing production folder to the new one.

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I suppose I should explain a little more

When you create a production folder you assign a redaction set to the folder as part of the properties

To produce without redaction you can create a new redaction set and call it something like Unredact or Blank Redaction...your choice

When you do a redaction on content you do not use this Unredact redaction set always use others or default.

When you produce with your normal redaction set assigned to the folder the content is redacted as that is the redaction set you assigned to the production folder and used to redact the content.

If you unlock that production folder, change to the Unredacted redaction set that was not used when redacting the content then lock and produce the data. The output will be unredacted because the redaction set was never applied to the content during review/redaction so all content is produced unredacted

Yes i said redaction about 100 times sorry. Hope this helps if not let me know if i can be of any help or if you need more clarification on anything's picture

It does, thank you.  We thought about that option as well.  The main thing was getting the same production info on the new docs and they were not consecutive.  Just didn't know if there was an easier way.  Normally this would not of been an issue to unlock/lock but it was a larger production with just a few redacted docs to redo and time was an issue.  Thanks for your help!

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I tried. Oh well at least you have a list of options for future use.