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Export/Import monitor policies between NS7 servers

Created: 07 Jan 2011 | 3 comments

I have multiple NS7 servers in my Altiris environment.  I would like to export and import custom monitor policies between servers so I don't have to manually recreate many monitor policies. 

I have tried using the right click option in the Monitoring and Alerting tree.  That fails with an "undefined error".  I then tried the ImportExportUtil.exe which claims to export successfully on one box and then successfully import on the second box.  However, on the second box I never see the imported policy in the Monitoring and Alerting tree.  Is there a scheduled task that needs to be run or a service restarted?  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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are they part of a hierarchy (I thought there was issues with replicating monitor policies, but I can't find a confirmation)?

When you get the error, does the logviewer provide any further details? If you use the import\export utility, can you view the .xml file before you import it? Maybe it's marked as 'hidden' in the file attributes, usually specified within the .xml itself.

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Hierarchy replication does not support monitoring at thing point from my understanding. Besides recreating them have you tried exporting and then importing them? That should be easier than recreating them from scratch.

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First off, let me point out that you may be getting "undefined error" because of permissions settings in Inetrnet Explorer (IE). ActiveX is used to perform the export so you want to make sure you allow all the necessary things in IE for Altiris web site to be able to install & run ActiveX controls. One thing you could try is to add Altiris web console URL to the list of trusted sites, restart IE and see if export of Monitor Policy would work.

If nothing else work then you could try to get exported XML manually. This method may or may not work for you depending on version of NS7 & Monitor Solution you have, but you can try it as a last resort. Here are the steps:

- Get Item GUID of the monitor policy you want to export (you can right-click the policy and select 'View as XML' - ItemGuid parameter in the URL of the openned window is the GUID you are looking for)

- Open the following URL in IE:
  Remember to ignore any and all errors you may get - the page was not exactly designed to be accessed this way.

- The source HTML of the page would contain a control with ID 'oExportedXml' - it's value is the encoded XML of the exported policy. You can copy it from there and all that needs to be done is decoding.

There are web pages out there that can help decode the XML. Quick Google search should help you find something. For example, I found this site:

Hope this helps.

Best regarrds,