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Exporting Archived Emails from Corrupted SQL Database

Created: 22 May 2013 • Updated: 16 Mar 2015 | 14 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

We are in a situation that the EV SQL Database is corrupted and with no backup version, is there still any possible way to extract / convert the archived emails  back into MSG format ?

Or is there any documentation or link we might be able to start from doing that ?


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Have you already ran EVSVR to try to repair the database?

Andy Becker | Authorized Symantec Consultant | Trace3 | Symantec National Partner |

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Can you please advise what kind of command that we should run first ?

We are currently using the "Export" function to restore as much as Emails that from the email / public folder archives anyway.

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Leaping in ...  sorry...

If support are saying DO NOT RUN EVSVR...

a/ Ask them why

b/ Have a look through the docs that talk about the verification options

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Which EV database is corrupt? If EV cannot access the corrupt EV database on SQL then I dont think there is any way you can retrieve the archived items. If you are running EV 7.5 or earlier then you can change the extension of savesets from dvs to msg and open the file but how will you find which archive/mailbox it belongs to? All this information is stored in EV databases on SQL.

I would rather suggest to check with MS if they can help you in getting corrupt database fix.

William CY Chan's picture

We are currently in 10.0.1 and is that means we can no way to have the DVS / CAB files restored back to MSG ?

Is there any 3rd party tool avaialble to purchase to do the data conversion please ? Permission / Owner can be ignored anyway.

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We are suggested by Symantec to go for the local EV partner however I am wondered if we might be able to get some help from the forum.

EVSVR is not suggested to run according to Symantec Engineer in our case, a database recovery tool is ran and we are currently able to access to the database, however some of the Emails are not able to restore.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

So your database recovery tool will have 'deleted' or at least cleaned up some of the data. That's probably then why some items are failing to restore.

I'd take some DB copies ...  or backups ... even offline ones...

And export the lot back to PST, and see what happens.

That's the best approach at this time, especially if Support is advising against EVSVR.  (And as a matter of interest why are they suggesting that?)

William CY Chan's picture

Hi Rob

We are not sure about that but probably it is because the database is not healthly and as you mentioned correctly that the DB is recovered and most likely some data is deleted in SQL.

I went to your website and looks you're one of the partner of Symantec, do you think we can have a more detail discussion and see if we can pass your firm the job ?

The worst thing is we do not have any backup of the database, PST export is in progress anyway.

Rob.Wilcox's picture

William, you're doing all that can be done. I wouldn't want someone to 'charge' you for doing more, because I doubt there is anything else that can be done.

You'll need to export what you can, and you've lost the rest..

Start over, after the export has completed.  [Though you then may want to run something to clean up all the old shortcuts in the mailboxes]

William CY Chan's picture

Yes you're right, perhaps we will need to replace the shortcuts by what we can recover. Can you please advise how we can do it without checking the shortcuts one by one ?

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On the other hand, Symantec advised us somehow the ArchiveID changed in SQL and if we use OutlookSpy or MFC editor to amend the ArchiveID, we can have some of the items restored. but this require manual checking on each shortcuts. Nightmare~

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Are you exporting back to the mailbox, or PST?

If PST.. then you can't clean up shortcuts.

If Mailbox .. then it should clean up automatically.

William CY Chan's picture

Oh thank you !

What will happen if we restore the item to the mailbox without the shortcut exists ? I think some of the users might deleted also the shortcut.


Rob.Wilcox's picture

If you are restoring to the mailbox...

a/ Watch your Exchange quotas and storage space on the Exchange side of things in general -- or you'll be visiting some Exchange forums on how to recover that after all the available space is consumed and somethng goes wrong :(

b/ If the shortcut exists it will be replaced by the item from the archive ie the full item

c/ If the shortcut didn't exist (use deleted it, for example) then the full item from the archive will be put in the folder.

In case of b or c, then, nothing will be removed from the archive.  Export is effectively a copy (unless you pick a particular folder root, and then there is an option to remove the item from the archive as you go along)