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Exporting database from one server to another

Created: 24 Jan 2013 • Updated: 21 Feb 2013 | 5 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello my friends,

I have here a NetBackup 6.5 (CentOS), but this server is dying. So we installed in a new Server the (SuSe) version from the begining. I wish to know which directory should I move to keep the images legacy.

Thanks for the help.

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You would have been better doing a catalog restore to a new server (keeping the same name) so that you had everything that you needed.

For just the images there is a tech note - dont have access to it just now so search on here or google "recovery without import" for full details - this is what you need to follow if you just want to copy your images across

Hope this helps

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Attached is the guide mark was talking about. It's quite old, shout if you have questions. But a Master server restore might be cleaner as mark said.

Partial DR import.pdf 150.25 KB
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You cannot export te NBU Catalog, sorry ...

You can however, recover the catalog backup to new hardware, but ...

The hostname must be the same

The install path must be the same

The version of NBU must be the same

So you need to reinstall NBU 6.5 on the new hardware, do a catalog recovery and then upgrade to

You could, as Mark explained just copy across the image DB, again I would do this at 6.5 then upgrade.  However this is not idea as no settings will come across, and the tapes used for the backups can never be written to, until they expitre - restores only.


Regards,  Martin
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It isn't that you cant copy the database across. You cant but there are symantec partners that can do it for you at a price(just did one with Marianne this very week). Else catalog restore or copy the image database. First prize being a catalog restore as it should provide you with the media data as well as your policies, something you wont have when only coping the image db.

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Well yes, it can be done, but only via a partner - which I'm kinda presume Andre wasn't planning on using.


Regards,  Martin
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