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Exporting emails with DA and then deleting

Created: 13 Sep 2012 • Updated: 17 Sep 2012 | 3 comments
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Not sure if this is a better forum than the DA forum purely on the number of people who read this one :o)

I'd like to know if DA can remove emails from EV once it has completed a search.

The scenario is that our company needs to seperate emails with particular content into a different archiving solution for compliance reasons. So we can find all the relevant emails via DA across the user base and export these into a PST. But I then need to remove these emails from EV so the export becomes the only copy which I can then import into a different system.

So can DA delete the emails from the archives itself or do is there a different a different approach once I've exported all the necessary information?

many thanks


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Unfortunately Discovery Accelerator does not have that capability, though i believe its been requested before, the idea being though that DA is used to keep information and not delete it, and that storage expiry (based on the items retention) and user deletions are meant to take care of the data.

Though I know there are specific circumstances for when email is legally ordered to be removed from an environment, the only tool that I know of that would fit what you are wanting to do is a product called Revise by Quadrotech

Other than that, the only way you could do it is to use EV Browser Search, find the emails and remove them manually

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Thanks JW

What would be your thoughts if things were simplified a bit :o)

Say we did a search for all the relevent information and this returned hits from 100 different users. Would it be fairly straight forward to export the entire archive of all these 100 users to PST and then delete their archives. I'd understand that in this instance the content exported is all the information we need plus a load of emails that weren't needed but the primary objective of removing the critical information would be achieved. These users could then be set up with new archives and their old archives kept as pst's if needed.

Albeit a bit 'outside of the box' would that be possible?

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Yeah, you would have to do it manually through the VAC and delete the DA case

So you would do something like

1. Run a DA search to identify the users
2. Determine the unique users found with the items
3. Export the users to PST through the Vault Admin Console
4. Delete the DA case
5. delete the users from the VAC

You could then go through the PST files, delete the offending items then reimport the users PST files to new archives for them

Obviously this is not a viable solution if a journal archive is involved

And also may break some conpliancy in regards to retention

Maybe worth doing a cost benefit analyses of how many hours it would take to do this vs the cost of ReVise and having clear audit trails that the items have indeed been fully deleted