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Extend the Retention of one of the 4 Full weekly backup without Adding a New Schedule

Created: 27 Nov 2012 • Updated: 21 Dec 2012 | 5 comments
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Hi All,

We have a Weekly Full Backup running (Retention 4 Weeks)scheduled for all Policies in our Netbackup Environment.

We want to take a Monthly Full backup with (12 Monthe Retention).

We want that the Last Weekly  Full backup of the Month should be backed up with 12 Months retention so that we need not add a a new Schedule for Monthly Full backup with (12 Month Retention).

Is it Possible to do without adding a new schedule? If yes How.

How can we promote retention the last backup of month of Weekly Full backup to be extended to 12 Months.

Please help.

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After successful backup you can run bpexpdate command with recalculate option to change the retention.

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You will have to identify image #, then change expiration manually using bpexpdate command.

If you need to automate the process, create another schedule.

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As per the other excellent posts bpexpdate will do it for you - see the commands guide in your NetBackup install software docs folder
For the future I would advise using calendar scheduling but do the monthly on the first Friday or Saturday of the month and the weekly ones on all others as it is the only way to make it work correctly - bear in mind that you should not cross midnight when using calendar schedules
So maybe 00:10 to 23:50 on a Saturday
Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Thanks Guys,

Running bpexpdate is a manula thing which we have to do every month.

As per Mark we need to have a  new calender based schedules for weekly as well Monthly Backup 

(Monthly : 1st monday of month and weekly rest monday)

So i guess it is sure that this cannot be done wihout adding a schedule.

Also Mark's Method can be followed however ,we do not want to change our weekly backup schedules which is already added.

So pls suggest if this can be done

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You will need one schedule for the Weekly and one for the Monthly

My suggestion was to make life easy as the 1st Saturday of the month is always exactly that - there is no easy way to specify the last Saturday of the month

You only option if you must follow that route is to select the days manually in each schedule - it doesn't take that long but it is all manualy work - most people who have to do it this way set it up for a years worth of backups and then set themselves a reminder in Outlook to do another years worth - not great!

If you can pursuade the powers that be to go with the Monthly Full on the first Saturday of the month it will make life a lot easier - i had this agreed with a very large client of mine so it can be done!

If you want to keep your current schedule and it is frequency based then you would need to set an exclude for ever last Saturday (or what ever day(s) you back up) forever so that you do not have both run at the same time - again a lot of manual work and another Outlook reminder!

Have a chat with those upstairs and see if your life can be made a whole lot easier

Hope this helps

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