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Extended lookup info

Created: 28 Jun 2011 | 1 comment

So I've customized our helpdesk using a lookup table for schools. 

But I want / need to extend past the default 3 fields (id, display value,status) that are visible in the Admin->Lookups screen. 

I really want to set this up so that someone can edit the data without getting into the SQL backend, but just through a GUI. 

I've successfully added the fields to my lookup table:

workitem_school_lookup: now has the columns

[id], [status], [value], [ordinal], [is_default], [code]

I've been able to make the new field (code) visible to helpdesk using the 'exec sp_addviewdef'  procedures,

But I cannot find a way to get the admin -> lookups page to show anything but id, status, and value. 

I also would LOVE to be able to put the new field on the Simple Find Incidents screen. 

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You will have to modify some  files...take a look at LookupList.ascx and/or LookupManager.ascx in the templates folder as a starting sure to use best practices whenever modifying files....I have modified files in the past with good results, but alas neither of these.....Good luck