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External Disk PGPWDE encrypted now fails. OSX

Created: 05 Aug 2012 • Updated: 14 Aug 2012 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hello all,

Like most, I waited until the newer version on Lion OSX v10.7.4 was workable with WDE before I upgraded both WDE and OSX.

I followed the directions, and now everything on the computer seems to be working as before.  No problems, no issues with the system thus far.

Until today.

I plugged in and tried to access my external partitioned 1T HD I use for extra files, and Carbon Copy Cleaner backups.

As per usual, it asked me for my passphraise. I typed it in, exactly as I have 100's of times before.  This time I get the "Caution That is not the correct passphraise. Please try again."

I am 100% certain that my passphraise is correct.  The only thing to change since my last successful attempt to access this external is the update to OSX and WDE.

Please help prevent my backups from becoming a Symantec Brick.

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Disk Utility shows the HD is mounted.

WDE only shows my internal HD.  I can not see the encrypted external in WDE.

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WDE external passphraise worked fine...updated PGP, updated Lion, no more working passphraise.

It is only passphraise access, not key access.  It would not matter though, I have all of my original keys, and they are all working.  

Did the update change the way the program verifies passphraise? Did OSX change the way it reads external drives?

Did no one else have this problem?

Is there anybody out there?

Mother, can I trust the government?

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If a troubleshooting question is asked, and no one from Symantec is around to answer it, does the problem really exist?

Yes. It does. 

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Solution can be found here.  It took 5 days and no support, but here is your answer folks.


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HI, I noticed that you multiple forum threads started for your problem? Please only create one forum thread per issue.

This allows us to give a more timely resolution to our customers.

FYI: Forums are provided to people free of charge, many of us posting on here are doing so on our own time or free will. Especially third party affiliates and helpful customers.  If you require urgent assistance, you can always call our support line at (800) 342-0652 and request to pay per incident for suppport or purchase a suppport contract.

I'm glad to find that you found an solution to your problem though. it sounds rather frustrating.

If/when you consider your issue resolved, please click Mark As Solution on the most helpful response.