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Extra Task Server Clients

Created: 16 Jul 2012 | 2 comments

I noticed that I have more "things" connected to the task server on the NS that actually exist in my environment. I discovered this when I looked at the "Task Server Summary" report. When I tried to ID the devices I discovered they don't actually exist. This was the query I used:

 ,ts.Name [Task Server]
from Inv_Client_Task_Resources t
Left Join vcomputer i on i.Guid = t._ResourceGuid
Left Join vcomputer ts on ts.Guid = t.ClientTaskServerGuid
where ts.Name like '%'
And  i.Name is null
Order by i.Name, t.lastRegistered desc

Any idea what's going on here? Some of the last registered dates are quite old too. Is the NS failing to purge these old records from the Task Server?

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Mistral's picture

As there is a task (forgot which one) you can run on a "User" ... these are probably your users from the database.

Even unmanaged computers are assigned to a task server ... but not registered for sure.

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Are you syncing from AD?  If so, there can be lots of junk.  Users can also be imported from AD or from other discovery methods, and users can be assigned to a task server.

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