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Extract Data from Tape in to a different Domain?

Created: 21 Jan 2014 | 3 comments

Hi everyone, I have been set a task of extracting data from various LTO backups on to a new system using BackUp Exec 2010 and I was hoping someone out there could help?

The tapes were used on various W2K3 domains that are now no longer in use.

I have been asked to extract the data from the old tapes and put it back on into a new file structure on a new Domain to allow access and management of the data.

However as soon as I put the tape in it asks to to register the tape as it does not recognise it!

Is it possible to extract the info back in to a normal type file structure?

How would I get the Backup Exec to allow tapes to be restored/ recovered on to a new/ different domain...

I hope this is a lot easier that I think it is?


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Once the tape is inserted, run an inventory followed by a catalog. Post a successful catalog, you should be able to view the backup sets on the tape and then can choose the option of a redirected restore to restore the files onto a different server.

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...I'd also suggest selecting the relevant date range when restoring. BE tends to choose some date range from the past (which is annoying!) meaning the tapes don't always show up initially...


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Sounds good, thanks for the info.

I will have a try and see what happens.