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Extract/Open a .dvs file, problems with DB's

Created: 10 Feb 2011 • Updated: 17 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Is it possible and how to extract/open a .dvs file when there are issues with the DB's.

The problem is that the EVSVR verify/repair takes to long and get network connections errors after a while, so the customer is waiting for the move to a new network (they are in a outsourcing transition in regard to their equipment.)

Anyway there was a problem about a month ago when someone formated the SQL cluster disks and there is a small gap between the recovered DB's and the VS PTns.

Anyway, a user needed to open an archived mail that is in that 1-day gap, we know the saveset and have located the .dvs file.

Have tried dumpsaveset and the .hta script that was posted in another thread, but both require the DB's to know about the item.

In the past before EV8 you could simply doubleclick on the .dvs file, but is there a way to extract the mail despite the DB problems ?



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nope because of the way the storage is now done, you can't just open the dvs and have the full email

your best bet is to run a repair with EVSVR on that small date range as opposed to processing every single item, i know it can be slow and painful but its the correct way, its not worth trying to do any hacks when the rpoper way is easily available to you

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That is part of the problem, when we run EVSVR (we have had a case with support regarding the issue) it doesn't only check that particular date range that we set in EVSVR, as the customer have pre EV8 content.

So it scans through a lot of files that used the old methods even though they are not part of the date range (I guess since the sharing was made on a .dvs level rather than DB level before EV8).

The problem is that if we run EVSVR now it will fail with network errors, we have tried multiple times, hopefully this will work better when they have moved the storage to a better location (as I said, they are in transition of servers, storage and what not to different location). We have let EVSVR run for days (even if we have only selected about 4 days as date range) but ultimately it stops on network errors.