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Failed to delete media server from Central Admin Server

Created: 23 Sep 2010 • Updated: 25 Oct 2010 | 8 comments
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I have a server that has been decommissioned some time ago, but when this happened I was not notified so did not remove it from the Media Servers list in my Backup Exec 10d Central Admin Server environment.  I have right clicked it and selected delete, but each time I do I get and error stating "Failed to delete the media server named <servname>".  I cannot see any way of removing it other than trawling through the Backup Exec database, which I would like to avoid if at all possible!  I have had other servers in similar situations but they have been deleted successfully, so this rogue server seems to be stuck in the database somehow.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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1 Navigate to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc
2 Open the file name hosts in notepad.
3 Check if it has any entries referring to old IP address and has the media server name associated with it.
4 Either delete those entries or replace it with the correct IP address .
5 Restart the Backup Exec Services .

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Thanks for your reply Maheshroja.  I have checked the hosts file and sadly there are no entries in there at all.

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Thanks Kiran.  Unfortunately the MMS has been decommissioned, removed from the network and no longer exists.  This article would be the easiest way to resolve this issue if the sever still existed.  My problem is that I can't do this as the server no longer exits.  I need to remove what is now a non-existent server from the Media Servers list on the CAS (usually no problem by deleting it, but this one doesn't want to go!!)

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1. Remove (disable and delete) all devices from the Backup Exec Devices tab on the MMS.
2. On the same MMS, open the Backup Exec Interface and go to Tools > Install Options and License keys on this Media server.  Under additional options to install, uncheck the Managed Media Server and click Next to make the MMS a stand alone server.
3. Go to the CASO server and delete the MMS from the Media Server tab.  On the Devices Tab, remove the devices for the MMS.  Look under Device Pools also and delete any device(s) for the MMS.
4. Install SQL Management Tools on the CASO server.
Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express
5. Open the device table in the SQL Management Tools. Scroll over in the device table and look in the "devicename" column  it will show "all Devices (MMS)"  Delete this row .
6. Close and reopen the Backup Exec console on the CASO server to confirm the MMS is no longer showing on the Devices Tab.
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Hi RahulG - I am unable to carry out steps 1 to 3 as the MMS no longer exists.  Can I still carry out steps 4 to 6 safely?

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Yup you can ..make sure you have a backup if you database before making any changes.

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Great, thanks for that.  I had to remove several associations in other databases as well as prompted each time, and also had to delete 2 more entries of the server name in table, but since I've got rid of them, the server has now dropped from the Media Servers tab.