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Failed Deployment of Image

Created: 19 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

Hey guys,

I created an image with all the software and settings I wanted then created a capture task which runs fine. However when going to deploy the image I keep getting errors about being able to parse the unattend.xml file. Right now I'm getting this specific message:

"Windows could not parse or process the unattend answer file for pass [specialize]. The setting specified in the answer file cannot be applied. The error was detected while processing settings for component [Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup]"

This is using the default unattend.xml that Altiris creates/searches for. I do notice that on the stock image I created there is an unattend.xml file in the C:\Windows\Panther\ directory. Do I need to edit this?

I do have the deployanywhere check box checked because I manually added drivers to the database in deploymen solutions. What could be causing this error in the unattend.xml file? What unattend.xml file is it parsing - one created by altiris ? If so at what point does altiris add this file - is it during the prepare image for capture stage in the capture task?


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The specific error can be found in the panther folder in the GCxxxx subfolder on the failed system.  We've created a script for you that if you boot to automation again on a failed system, you can quickly gather these logs to the NS (assuming this is version 7) you can run as a task against the system found here:  All this script does is gather the files from the production drive while you're in automation in case the system wont otherwise boot.  Then you can look in the panther\gcwhatever folder, find the two ERR files, and look for what it's failing on.

As a starting suggestion point, you could try also turning OFF DeployAnywhere to see if the problem goes away in the Deploy Image task.  Might help narrow down the issue.

Thomas Baird
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