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failed to restore exchange 2007 mailbox

Created: 27 Nov 2012 • Updated: 18 Feb 2013 | 8 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


Trying to restore mailbox via netbackup .

source from dedup disk  to alternate user (redirection)

exchange 2007

on Exchange server services EXadmin is confiugured, already restored for other mailboxes few items, but never with redirecting to another mailbox, also, not all mailbox completly , just a folder, or few mail items.that worked fine for me..

getting this error



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Marianne's picture

Have you verified that all requirements for redirected restore are in place? for example that destination mailbox exists?

See this section in NBU for Exchange manual:

Prerequisites and operational notes for restoring Exchange individual mailboxes ....

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Itai's picture

Thanks for your reply Marrianne,

Well...this mailbox I want to restore..was deleted  by mistake -AD user+mailbox by the helpdesk team.

Now, they created new user with the same name (off course with different SID) and Iv'e been asked to  restore old mail box redirectly to new user. I have seen this error that the soultion talk's about adding details to the master server,

just didn't get all of it-

what is the meaning for Physical name of CAS server?



Itai's picture

the original user was deleted

new user with same name (bit off course different SID mailbox etc) created

trying to redirect to new user to the new mailbox

saw a solution about this error

what stand's for

Physical name of CAS server

Mark_Solutions's picture

In the Master Server Hosts Properties are the Distributed Application Mappings

You should add all compnents of your exchange system against the DAG name

As you are on Exchange 2007 this probably does not apply to you

I would reccomend doing the following:

1. Add  a file named No.Restrictions to the /netbackup/db/altnames/ directory on the Master

2. Try the restore from the mailbox itself

3. Ensure you have the redirected folder naming exactly right

4. Set up the tar log folder on the client to capture more of the error if it fails again

Hope this helps

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Itai's picture

Well, nothing helped except redirecting it to other mailbox with a different name and only then export to PST from restored and import to new mailbox but with the same name as deleted one


thanks all for the help :)


Mark_Solutions's picture

You will probably find that the issue is down to the SID change - this will be coded into the backup so when restored it fails - it has to be redirected to an alternate mailbox but it is obviously not picking things up correctly when the name is the same

It may actually be an Exchange issue and the SID may still exist - I am not an exchange expert but there is something about running a clean command and remving disconnect mailboxes - maybe there is still something of the old mailbox knocking about in Exchange itself confusing things

Authorised Symantec Consultant

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Marianne's picture

Is the newly created mailbox functional (i.e send and receive email)?

Requirement in NBU for Exchange manual:

■ The destination mailbox must exist to successfully restore a mailbox.

Please go through this section in the manual:

About redirecting a restore of Exchange mailbox or public folder objects to a different path
Review the following requirements for redirecting the restore of an Exchange mailbox or public folder to a different path:
■ You must indicate an explicit path (or full path).
■ In the destination path, the following segment of the path cannot be changed:
Microsoft Exchange Database Availability Groups:\
Microsoft Information Store:\
Microsoft Exchange Mailboxes:\
Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:\
If you change this part of the path, NetBackup attempts to restore the objects
as normal (non-Exchange) files.
■ The destination mailbox or destination folder must have an associated user
■ When you redirect a restore of public folders, the folder you indicate in the
destination path does not have to exist.
■ When you redirect mailbox backups, if you modify the name of the Exchange
folders, NetBackup restores the selected object to that specified folder name.
These Exchange folders include “Top of Information Store,” “Views,” “Finder”,
etc. You can see the new folder when you browse for backups and it is backed
up on subsequent backups of that mailbox. However, you cannot use Outlook
to view the folder and any subfolders and messages in that folder.

See Examples of redirecting an Exchange mailbox restore

and Redirecting the restore of an Exchange mailbox, mailbox folder, or public folder for step-by step instructions. 

Supporting Storage Foundation and VCS on Unix and Windows as well as NetBackup on Unix and Windows
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