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Failure after compression

Created: 06 Aug 2013 | 8 comments

After the failure earlier today I changed the 'compression type' on the archive backup from 'Hardware [if available, otherwise none]' to 'Hardware [if available, otherwise software] and it has failed after backing up virtually the same amount of data as it did when it failed before. The only difference is that it was MUCH slower, so have restored it to the previous setting.

What is the solution please?

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The only difference is that it was MUCH slower

This is expected if software compression is used, instead of hardware compression.  Check your joblog to see which compression is used.

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Are you backing up to tape or disk? Hardware compression is only supported for tape drives so if the target is a disk, you may not have been compressing the data, hence the much faster backup.

If the target is tape, does the BE user interface list a compression ratio when hardware compression was used?

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What is the error message? Can you attach a job log?

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This post has been moved by 'who?' from its original position that had the context!

It was in the post about 'sudden reduction in compression ratio' and was part of me trying, and failing like a number of others, to get back to the CR that was being achieved last week/month/year.

It makes no sense on its own and should either be moved back or closed. How can that been done please?

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         Backup exec doesnt have any bearing on the CR of the tape media. It lets the hardware know to apply compression and the hardware handles it from there. Backup exec then reports the CR stats. I see in your other postings that you were inquiring about what changes have been made recently to the product that may have resulted in your reduced CR. The answer would be none, as stated earlier BE does control the CR on the attached hardware and the only update that has been rolled out for BE would have been SP2 for BE2012 and SP3 for 2010 both of which would have had to have been manually downloaded and applied as they are not yet available on LiveUpdate. did you verify that the firmware for the drive is up to date? Are you seeing reduced CR on all tape writes or on specific jobs targeting specific tapes? If so try loading a new tape write to it and report CR.

I hope this posting was helpful


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Used a new tape for the main backup last night and the CR is down to 1.3:1! Worse than the 1.5/1.6:1 I have been getting recently. The data was virtually unchanged in the previous 24 hours.

Will try a 'clean' and the same tape as last night tonight.

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Assuming this is an LTO tape drive, it is possible one of the tape drive's heads could be starting to fail. If one of the heads should fail the drive will keep writing data but in a degraded state.  This could be seen as slower performance and/or reduced DC (data compression).

It sounds like you've rule out the tape media as being the problem...assuming a new tape means media fresh out of the wrapper.

Cleaning the heads is a good start to solve this problem.  If the problem still exists after cleaning the drive then you may want to check the system event log for entries related to hardware problem.  Usually event ID9 & ID11 are signs of hardware problems.  There's no guarantee you'll even see the event but it's a good place to check nonetheless.

Good luck.