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Faulty media_deassign_notify skript created a lot of nbemm processes

Created: 17 Oct 2012


I just tested a media_deassign_notify skript. The skript itself was only supposed to create some small output to see if what I actually want to do would work. Unfortunately I forgot to change the rights of the file to be executable. This appears to be a problem for nbemm as it has spawned several new processes during the time that the script had the faulty settings.

Currently there are 28 nbemm processes running where I would expect to see only one. All of those (except the main one of course) have been running for at least an hour now. (After I properly set the permissions no new nbemm processes would appear)

Now, is there a way to deal with this other than restarting NetBackup? It looks like the medias have been properly deassigned (at least I can't find any media that appear to be problematic) but I really don't feel comfortable using a kill command on those processes.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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