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FC und job speed

Created: 23 Oct 2012 • Updated: 24 Oct 2012 | 12 comments
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Hi all,

just wondering about my job speed, home you can explain me how it works.

I have a backup server which is connected via 1 GB LAN to our Netwrok/Storage. My Loader is connected via FC 4GB to this server. and i see that the jobs are running with 5.000,00 MB/min. But how it is possible i mean my lan is only 1GB.

Thank you very much

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ZeRoC00L's picture

Technically you should get a max of  128 MB/s. Per minute is it 7680MB.
So yes, this is possible.

But maybe you run a backup from disk 2 tape ? So the data is already on the Backup Exec Media server, and only needs to be tranfered to tape.

Or you run a SAN based backup from for example Vmware.

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CraigV's picture

Flat-file backups are much quicker than individual files numbering in their thousands. There is less shoe-shining on the drive itself, and a large file streams at a constant speed...

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mghomer's picture

ah ok, my fault, i thought about 1000MB/m for the lan but as you wrote that is 1000mb/Sek :-)


But my next question.

if i will connect the backup server and my loader with FC (4GB/S) to the my FC switch which is connected to my VMware Hosts and fc storage system, will the BE transfer the data over the fc or still over lan? would it works this way?


ZeRoC00L's picture

It will backup over Fibre if you have the BE Agent for Vmware and ESX(i) licensed. So yes, this will be faster.

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CraigV's picture

No it won't unless you SPECIFICALLY select SAN Transport Mode...otherwise it will continue transferring data across the LAN. You also need to mount your VM datastores to your backup server to utilize this.

Check below:

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mghomer's picture

as I understand it will backup the snapshots i mean the vmdk's i would like to backup only the data wthin this vmdk.

and i have to install an agent on my vmware host, what im not really want. I prevent to install addional software on my vmware host

For example

I have a fileserver with hardware raw volume so i would like to backup only the files from this raw volume, i think that is the best way for restoring only some files.

ZeRoC00L's picture

An agent installation on the vmware host is not required and not even possible. The vmware agent is installed on the Backup Exec server and will take care of the communication between ESX/vCenter and Backup Exec. With the GRT technology you can restore individual files from VMDK files.

But in your case a RDM is not fully supported, check the FAQ of the Vmware agent below.

In that case Backup Exec requires to have a BE Window Agent (RAWS) installed on the VM and create the backup the traditional way. In that case you will not backup directly over fibre, and are limited to your ethernet network, which is 1Gb/s.

Are Guest virtual machines with “Raw Device Mapped (RDM)” disks supported?


There are two types of RDM disks.

Physical compatibility mode

(i.e. persistent-independent) bypasses the ESX storage

infrastructure (vmfs file system) and thus cannot have a snapshot taken by vStorage

API’s for Data Protection. Physical compatibility mode RDM disks in this configuration are

skipped automatically during the backup and logged by Backup Exec as unprotected. For

Physical compatibility mode RDM disks, Backup Exec Remote Agents can be installed in the

Guest virtual machine to backup their data using traditional backup methods.

Virtual compatibility mode

RDM disks can be backed up but cannot be directly restored by

Backup Exec to an ESX server or existing Guest virtual machine. Virtual compatibility mode

RDM disks are included in the backup of the selected virtual machine automatically and will

include ALL data located on the mapped LUN.

Neither physical nor virtual compatibility mode disks can be used with the Incremental or

Differential backup capabilities. A Guest virtual machine configured with RDM disks will result in

the entire virtual machine being unable to use Incremental or Differential backup settings.

To protect Virtual compatibility-mode or Physical independent-mode RDM disks, Symantec

recommends that you install a Backup Exec Agent for Windows Systems or Agent for Linux

inside of the Guest virtual machine and protect them as if they were physical systems.

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CraigV's picture

I suspect you mean installing the RAWS agents on the VMs themselves...

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ZeRoC00L's picture

That's exactly what i said:

BE Window Agent (RAWS) installed on the VM

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mghomer's picture

thanks guys

is that the same situation with BE2012?

ZeRoC00L's picture

Yes, Physical Raw Disk Mapping (RDM) devices are not supported:

You will have to install the BE Agent for Windows inside the VM and create a traditional backup.

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