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Feeds and languages

Created: 19 Dec 2012 | 13 comments


Are there any way to create feeds that are language independent?

Right now in 7.2 MR1 I have to create a feed for every possible iphone language the users can have out there.

If the feed is created in the wrong language it is never distibuted to the phone.

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There's not currently any support for this.  I believe it relates to the way iOS delivers content to the device.

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

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But you can check Feed Is Language Default.
Any feed which has this set will be delivered to any device whose set language does not have a corresponding feed.

Will do this th etrick or do I misunderstood your request?

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do you have further questions or a test result with this?

Please let us know.

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Hello MacBrinky

I can only see Is Feed Default when I create a new feed.

Where can I see Feed Is Language Default?

What does this option do?

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It's just called 'Is Feed Default' but it will set it as the default for all languages.  If you select 'Is Feed Default,' does it show up for all languages?

Mike Clemson, Senior Systems Engineer, ASC
Intuitive Technology Group -- Symantec Platinum Partner

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I tried to set this option for a feed but it still doesn't work when the language on the IPhone is different.

I wonder what "Is Feed Default" really do?

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The feed is still not visible/available for all languages or just for one particular language set on the iPhone?
For example "British English"

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Our company is having the same problem (see post 

I have a feed created with English set as the Feed Language and I also have the "Is Feed Default" checked.  However, we have a few users that have their Ipad language set to French.  Those users are not able to see the feed at all.  Just to verify the issue I tested out 2 Ipads - one in English and one in French.  The one in English pulled in the feed fine, but the French one did not.  I then changed the language on each device to the opposite (English to French and vice-versa).  After that the device that was originally set to French pulled up the feed fine and the one that started out with the feed no longer had access to it.

Some sort of "general" feed or solution to this would be wonderful as we have associates with BYOD devices from numerous countries that need to access our content.  Asking users to change the language on their devices wouldn't go over well and trying to create and keep feeds up to date in every language needed would be an uneeded nightmare.

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I can only agree. Even though the devices are in the same country people tend to set their device to whatever language the feel comfortable with. I have seen people using russian on therir device here in Sweden.

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Yes only the language the feed is intended for. There are no way to make the feed general that I could find out.

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Setting the feed to 'Default' should resolve this issue.  Can you receive any feeds whatsoever on the devices?  You may want to make sure the feed is being targed to that device. 

Adam Burner 
Senior Technical Support Engineer
Mobility and Workforce Applications
Symantec Corporation

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It does not help. You have to create a feed for every language that are out there and it can be a lot of them in an international company. I know people here in Sweden that have their phone in Russian. It is very hard to create a feed for every language possibilty there is.

If the feed is created in the same language as the iphone it is recived ok but otherwise no.

The feed targets every iphone so the problem is not there.

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I can confirm that having the "Is Feed Default" checkbox does not correct the issue.  We have a main feed with several apps assigned to it and the "Is Feed Default" option is checked (and English is chosed for the "Feed Language" selection).  When my test iPad is setup with language set to English I see the apps in the Mobile MGMT feed fine.  However, if I switch my iPad to any other language (French for example) and then refresh within the Mobile MGMT I no longer see anything in that feed (or any other non-French feed).