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Few questions about VOM

Created: 14 Oct 2012 • Updated: 16 Oct 2012 | 3 comments
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Does VOM is free ?

Need few examples of VOM reporting

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VOM is free in support of active management of Symantec products such as Storage Foundation, Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), DMP, and ApplicationHA. For examples you can view videos at

You can discover and report on the hosts not using the above products & using native OS tools using VOM Advanced - this is a premium offering i.e. not free. To learn more about VOM Advanced, visit or watch videos showing the product at

Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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VOM (base) is free, VOM Advanced is not.

VOM (base) manages SFHA hosts. It can also discover basic information about non-SFHA hosts (it cannot manage non-SFHA hosts).

There is a central management server (MS) which is needed for managing a bunch of SFHA hosts. You can download it from

VOM has a bunch of reports. The categories are:

  1. Licensing: This is not under the reports section, but the data shown here is more like reports.
    Shows you all the SFHA license deployments in your data center (across all the machines that are managed by VOM). The reports can be based on SPVU calculation / Processor price tier / Server price tier, etc. You have some operations here as well.

Under the reports section, you have

  1. Inventory: 22 reports for things like All Volumes, All Disks, All Enclosures, All File Systems, All Service Groups, etc.
  2. Environment: 6 reports listing things like
      a) SF Product version --> VxVM, VxFS and VCS versions and patch IDs across all hosts
      b) Patch report: Connects to SORT and shows you all applicable patches for a particular host or hosts.
  3. Trend/Activity: 6 reports showing things like
      a) Cluster Activity: Activity for the selected Clusters over the specified time range.
      b) Uptime Analysis: Calculates the uptime percentage for selected VCS objects and summarizes events affecting the uptime
  4. Storage Reclamation: 7 reports showing things like
      a) Top Hosts for Thin Reclamation: Analyze the storage that can be reclaimed from vxfs file systems and present a list of top candidate hosts for running the reclamation commands.
      b) Underutilized File Systems:
    Shows all File Systems whose available capacity is not fully utilized

  5. Storage Utilization:14 reports showing things like
      a) Resource Mapping: Shows the mapping between Host and LUN including Path, HBA, Array Port, Enclosure and associated Business Entity.
      b) Savings by file system compression:
    Analyze the vxfs file systems which are benefited by compression.


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