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File archiving and group resolving

Created: 18 Dec 2012 • Updated: 24 Jan 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have a client that have an very old fileserver, its on windows 2000. This server was setup with local groups and also in another windows domain.

Today they have a trust between the domains. They have created similar groups with people from the new domain that they have put in the local groups on windows 2000. 

I have done some testing in a testenvironment with a Enterprise Vault 10 and the filearchiving agent on win2000 is 9.02. I dont have any problem to archive the files. But since it dont seem to be able to resolv the users i cant search for archived files, i tested to put a user in the file acl and then offcource it worked. But with the nested groups i couldnt get it to work. 

Is there anyone out there who have a good solution for this? Or do they just have to get there hands dirty and start to fix the acls on the filesystem ?

At the moment we are thinking on start to archive files that are old and probably not used anymore, and also start fixing the acl for these files first. Since the acl is uppdated in EV i do not se any trouble offloading these files first to save space and make the changes after they have been archived, if im wrong here please tell me so i dont do anything stupid :) 

Michael Svensson

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The main thing I see is that Windows 2000 isn't a supported target for FSA with EV 10 and you typically want your FSA Agent to match the EV Server.  If you have a problem and call into support you are not in a supported configuration.

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I know thats why i didnt uppdate the fsa agent, but i will talk with symantec support and se what they say. Thanks for the quick reply