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File Archiving from a non-domain based File Server Target?

Created: 29 Jan 2013 | 4 comments


I am struggling to archive File data from a server that it is our DMZ.

The EV server is on the LAN and is Active Directory Domain based, with a domain based Vault Service Account.

The Target server is on a segregated DMZ which is not on the domain. It is using a local VS Account with identical username and password to the Domain VSA account ... and passthrough authentication works from EV to Target. Firewall ports have been opened, and no traffic is being blocked.

I am able to log onto the EV server using the VSA and browse the target server, i can create files and folders, delete files etc.but the problem is I cannot add a target Volume to the Vault Console. I just get an error saying:

'Could not read the volume information for \\***.***.***.***\backup

Reason: Access Denied

Check that the FIle Server is available and that you have the correct permissions to access the device'

I have raised a support call for this, but support have closed the call saying that archiving from a non domain server is not possible with EV ...

can anyone please confirm?

many thanks


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JesusWept3's picture

well you say you login and create files and what not right?
But you're probably passing the machine the local users credentials and not the credentials of the domain user.

And then when the archive task kicks in, its running as DOMAIN\EVAdmin, and thats where the failure lies

I suppose you could try changing the identity of the FSA Archiving task to try and run under that user, but i highly doubt it will work and if it does, it probably would cause all sorts of other issues

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Hi and thanks for the reply ...

To clarify, when I log on to the Domain based EV server i am using the Domain\EVadmin account ... using this account i can connect to the target server and create files, delete files, map drives etc.(by using passthrough authentication)

So my logic is that if I can do this manually, why can't the file archiving task (which uses the same domain\EVadmin account) do the same thing?



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Can you configure a Windows service to use pass through authentication?

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Hi Rob,

My understanding is 'yes' you can. We used to do this to run backups from our LAN to our DMZ.

The local version of the account needed 'log on as a service' rights, but that was about it.

Not sure if anything else needs to be tweaked to get this to work in Win2008 though?