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File backup skipping files

Created: 28 Mar 2013 • Updated: 30 Apr 2013 | 5 comments
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Get the error that something is in use by another process.  Most of the time it's an Office tilde file.  Is there a way to ignore files that have a tilde in the filename?


Path not found error accessing c:\users\<user name>\ntuser.dat and c:\users\<user name>\appdata\local\microsoft\windows\usrclass.dat.  The NTUSER.DAT file doesn't actually exist, at least not hours later when I actually go look for it.  The other file is there though. 

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Under Host Properties/Clients select the clients you want to exclude items from....expand Windows Client then select Exclude Lists....add ~*.* to the all policies exclusion list. You may also add anything else. Be carefull with things like *.dat...because ALL files with *.dat will be excluded.

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Do bear in mind that if you have specific exclusion list adding an exclusion to the all policies list will not use the exclusion - it must be in all exclude lists for the client

In general things like *~ etc will work but can slow a backup down as it will need to do a full scan of the system to find them all before a backup starts so could cause a timeout - be more specific when possible

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{~*, *~, ~*.*}
You can use above in exclude list.
~*                : Will exclude all files which name starts with ~.
*~                : Exclude all files which has ~ at its end.
~*.*              : Exclude files starts with ~ and of any file extension.
{ }                : Apair of curly brackets (or braces) indicates multiple file name patterns, which       can be use at a time.
I hope this would help you.
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i have the same problem but can resolve, thanks netbackup user, now fix.

Dorian Cosentino

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Decided to live with it instead of adding the wildcard.