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File Encryption in NetShare Folder

Created: 24 Feb 2011 | 1 comment

A client requires us, every day, to send (via secure FTP) files that are always encrypted with a particular PGP key.

My problem is that at least 3 users need to be able to copy files into this output folder.  The number of files to be transferred make individually encrypting each file a very unattractive option, so . . .

To achieve this (maybe misguidely), I purchased PGP NetShare with the intent that the 3 employees would share a common PGP private key (not officially contenanced I know . . .).

NetShare works brilliantly if all 3 users have their own personal private key and each is individually given access to the folder.  I've found, though, that it does not work with a single shared private key:-

  • the user who created the NetShare folder has full access (expected);
  • users without PGP privilege can access the folder and see encrypted files (expected);
  • users who have the shared private key cannot access the folder with the message "<foldername> is not accessible.  Access is denied." (unexpected to say the least).

Is NetShare capable of being run in this mode? 

Belatedly a more fundamental question occurs to me - when copied elsewhere, will a file from a NetShare folder be readable as a PGP encrypted file anyway?

Yours confusedly.

Setup: PGP Desktop for Windows 10.1.1 with NetShare x 3

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Tom Mc's picture

NetShare is not designed to be used in this manner, so I'm not very surprised that it is not working for this.

Typically, when a file is copied from the folder to a non-NetShare protected location, the encryption remains, but it does not always do so.  However, you can copy a NetShare protected folder from one location to another, and the encryption of the files will be retained.  I don't know if this may work as you desire if you copy the whole folder to the local computer that needs to do the decryption (NetShare encrypted files are transmitted in the encrypted state when being accessed from a networked computer, and are then decrypted at the user's computer).

If you can accumulate files in a folder and send them as a PGP Zip file, this may possibly work better for you, without the necessity of encrypting individual files.

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