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"File <file path> is in the backup selection list but was not found"

Created: 12 Oct 2012 | 5 comments

I have a few files that are selected for backup, but I receive this entry for them in the job log:  "File <file path> is in the backup selection list but was not found" .  These files are located on NAS storage, but other files are backed up from that disk without a problem.  Any idea how to resolve this? 

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What kind of files these are? Are these open files?



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Verify that the file or folder that is in the selection list has not be deleted or renamed. Try browsing to the location to verify that they are still located where expected.

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Edit the selection list

In the selection tree screen, 

verify that all the directories selected exists.  Then click on the Selection Details tab and check that the directories listed exists.

Delete all the non-existant directories/files

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I don't understand why BE can't do this itself.  I can't think of another backup product that requires you to manually manage your backup selections to match the live data.

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BE can manage this itself however it depends on

a) How you created you selectiosn - if you go down to selecting individual fiels or drievs and either the file is not there ot the driev is missing then you wil get eerors because you speceificlaly told be you wanted that item.

b) if the error is part of the System State Backup phase of the job then BE is looking for items that are registered with the operating system as part of the System State. If an application then badly uninstalls something and leaves the registration in place you can also see errors like this.

c) I think this one is rare, if files are deleted after the backup job has started but before the job gets to them I suspect you might also see this error, although these does perhaps depend on your snapshot settings.