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File name length

Created: 11 Oct 2012 | 2 comments

Our previous program (was not a symantec product) that we used to back up our files only allowed a certain amount of characters for a file name. This included folder, sub folder and the files contained inside. Therefore, if a file's destination name was too long, it wouldn't be backed up.

Is this the same with symantec?

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You should be able to backup long file name on windows with backup exec there should not be any issue



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Windows sometimes lets you exceed the Microsoft suggested limits (I think if you do things via command prompt or copy a deep folder structure into an already deep structure etc) - if you exceed the Microsoft limits  then BE will almost certainly have a problem.

We have also seen issues with deep/long complete path lengths when Linuix or Mac systems are involved.

As such I guess the questions are

a) What operating systems are you using?

b) what sort of path lengths are you talking about?