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File Size in USB transfer log

Created: 29 Sep 2013 | 4 comments


 I want to know about the field FILE_SIZE in  AGENT_BEHAVIOR_LOG_1 and AGENT_BEHAVIOR_LOG_2 in SEPM Database(SQL Server). Sometimes this field is zero and at times, it shows some non-zero file size.  Actually, we have implemented USB transfer log policy in our environment. and now we have to include file size as well to the log. However, since FILE_SIZE is not showing consistent information, will it be better to depend on this field? 

Please suggest. 

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pete_4u2002's picture

the file_size is "The size of the file that is associated with the application control violation,in megabyte"

refer the DB schema guide

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Hello Pete,

 I know that file_size is for file size. However, I have observed for some transferred files it shows 0 size. My doubt is if it is based on some threshold. I mean for below threshold files this field will be zero. Is it so?

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i havent seen this, may be support ticket is the best way to check out.

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Tablish1, I'm interested to know if you got any further on the quesiton of zero file saizes being reported - I've got the same issue and would also like to see the file saize of the file(s) logged.