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File System Archiving and DFS

Created: 28 Aug 2012 • Updated: 15 Nov 2012 | 4 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.


I have a question regarding FSA in an environment that has DFS. I am still relatively new to EV and it was recently discovered that a customer that has FSA installed, also has a DFS replicated environment.

I have read the KB article that states this is not recommended, but apart from the obvious stated but the article, I would like to know what implications this would have from a user perspective?

The reason I ask is that some users have expereinced issues which appears to be permissions related in that a login prompt appears when he or she tries to access a file. The permissions are correct on the share yet the user is unable to access the file at all.

Could this be related to the aforementioned issue or could that be something else?

Thanks in advance.

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JesusWept3's picture

does it happen for all files or some files?
And when they type the un/pw in, does it work?
also can they get to the EV servers without being prompted for un/pw?

i.e http://evserver01/EnterpriseVault/ ??

It could be the EV Server prompting for un/pw and not the file server itself.
One such scenario is when the EV server is installed to a place where only local admins, domain admins can access the folder, and thus anything that is opened via IIS prompts for a password if you are not an admin

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It depends on the user. Some users can open files but can't then save them as the file attributes are set to read only, other users can access some files but not others and then there are users who are unable to access any files at all.

If they type the un/pw, it simply prompts them again.

They are able to access the EV servers no problem and the EV server URL is added in the exclusion list of the web browser.

The users do have permissions to the path that they are trying to access. The permissions have been reapplied to some of the locations but that hasn't hade a difference either.

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This is a somewhat strange issue. the issue sounds to me like what you would see if you were using an alias that was not in the trusted stites..... but the EV server was. This could explain why you have a different result when browsing to it manually vs it being progarmatically hit. To confirm this is a webreqest Fiddler2 (a free utiltiy) would pick it up. Any other type of request you may need something like wireshark to capture it. It really feels like IIS to me though .... as this is the behavior you would get under the situation described.

That stated... I know this posting is arround for a while... if you sorted the issue please update the posting so people seeking to provide assistance do not enter this if it no longer requres it. If someone here helped you fix it... please flag their posting so we know .

Many thanks and keep us posted please.


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Thanks for your comment TypoProne. Over the past few weeks the client has advised that they are going to decommission their FSA as a result of the DFS Replication incompatibility.

We never have been able to find the root cause of the issue however.