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FileDataType Issue for Attachments

Created: 17 Jan 2013 | 4 comments

I'm seeing a very weird issue in WF 7.1.1401.59 where my attachments are not showing up correctly when going from model to model. I have a FileDataType array called Attachments that allows users to add/remove files to it. It gets passed on to another model with the input/output parameters mapped to Attachments but when it out of the model it doesn't show any attachments but the count is what it should be. 

Take the following example:

  • The Attachments array has two files in it, sample1.jpg and sample 2.jpg
  • It is mapped to another model called Approvals with the input/output variables mapped to Attachments
  • When viewing the attachments on a form it shows the correct attachment files
  • The workflow moves out of the Approvals model and back to the main model
  • It then goes back into the Approvals model and now the files in Attachments do not display anything for the FileName but shows the correct file count

I haven't seen anything like this before and was wondering if it's a bug in this version of WF. Has anyone seen something like this before?

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please send the flow I will take a look and post the answer


Jon Hallam

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So I tried a new way to work around this by creating a global FileDataType variable called Attachments and having that available to the workflow at all times instead of passing in the Attachments in and out of the models. However, When it goes to the parallel split that I have the [Global.Attachments] variable doesn't showing any files and all the attachments are lost.

I double-checked that the attachments are there before going into the split so something is happening that is causing it to be lost. Has anyone seen this behaviour before in their workflows?

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Ok, so I did some testing and there is definitely something weird going on. When the parallel split occurs the attachments are there and available to both tasks. However, when one task is completed the attachments disappear (even though the count stays the same) and the file name becomes blank and you can't display anything. Does anyone know what might be causing this as I don't recall ever seeing this before?

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Can you try a test? Backup the project and then delete FileDataType from Storage Preferences tab. If its a workflow project change service id before testing so you dont break anything in process.