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Created: 08 Nov 2013 • Updated: 21 Nov 2013 | 6 comments
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My co-worker is having this issue with backups on a Windows 2008R2 server. When he does a backup to a directory that is long path and/or has spaces in the file name or directory name the backup fails. The error he gets is files not found.

These files are very large files. We are backing up a to SL48 tape library. If we start the backup at a higher place in the directory path we don't get the error. The issue is some of the files are 1T or more. They are basically copies of hard drives that where pulled from computers. Well anyway the SL48 can't handle jobs that are to big because if the directory is larger then the space available in the SL48 the job will fail.

These are not normal backups. I'm a UNIX guy so if this was happening on a UNIX based OS I would just backslash the spaces, but I don't think windows needs this. Example : file name would be file \name in UNIX to fix spaces in UNIX.

What can I do to get these backup working?

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The NetBackup server is at

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please show us the backup selection in the policy.. and also the detail status of the failed job.

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As I said before I'm a UNIX guy. The policy looks kind of odd.

The directory seems to be a ISCI lung. The policy type is MS-Windows. Tthe backup path is \\fileserver\path. Which is also the I drive on the master server.

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it looks like its a CIFS share...

follow the below tech note to get this done..

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This looks close to what we are doing. I will forward this to my co-worker.

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If it's a local drive on the Master Server, better to back that up than the share on a client.

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