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Files System - Restore

Created: 08 Jul 2013 | 7 comments

Hi all

I did some full backups to disk (just files, no databases etc.) with file agent from a file server

to my backup server.

The backup finished without errors, but when I try to restore some files,

there is nothing to restore. Only a some folders called "DfsrPrivate".

not more.

What can I do?

Best regards,


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Colin Weaver's picture

DFSR needs backing up by the Shadow Copy Components and not by drive letter

As such what did you backup?

phoenigs's picture

I do not want to backup the DFSR, just files and folders.

Jaydeep S's picture

If you are only seeing 'DfsrPrivate' in restore selection, it means that you attempted to backup DFSR data. Like Colin earlier explained it needs to be backed up using Shadow Copy components.

Colin Weaver's picture

Just to clarify DFSR data is files and folders that are maned by DFSR for resplication between servers. Just because they are visible on a drive letter does not mean they should not be protected with the correct type of backup job and not a standard file and folder backup.

phoenigs's picture

I did another backup with the settings attached.

Only DFSRPrivate is available for restore.

Jaydeep S's picture

The screenshot doesnt really provide information about what data you backed up and from where. As a test, backup the entire C drive of that same server and see if you are able to view it in restore selections. Also, perform a backup of shadow copy components and see if you find the folders in the restore view.

phoenigs's picture

what I just found out:

if I do a backup with remote backup agent installed on the fileserver I just can restore empty folders,

if I do the same backup on shares on the fileserver, every works fine. I can restore files.