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FileShare and Sharename

Created: 10 Sep 2013 • Updated: 19 Sep 2013 | 2 comments
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Good morning all,

I have two different instances where I want to use the same ShareName. Is that even possible?


Connections would bemade like:




Operating Systems:

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I am fairly certain this is possible:

I believe the share is actually made available on the physical server, so supposing your physical nodes are node1 and node2, then if SQL with virtual name SQLserver01 is running on node1, then you could connect to Connect_Batch with \\node1\Connect_Batch as well as  \\SQLserver01\Connect_Batch, so I beleive from the O/S point of view, Connect_Batch is not accociated with \\SQLserver01, rather \\SQLserver01 is just a virtual name on node1 and Connect_Batch is just a regular share, so I also think if you created a local share on node1, say local_share, you would also be able to access this by \\SQLserver01\local_share.

So for the above reasons you can't have \\SQLserver01\Connect_Batch and \\SQLserver02\Connect_Batch running on the same server as you can't have 2 fileshares with the same name of Connect_Batch on a single node.

Even if you set-up VCS rules so that the 2 shares never ran on the same server you will still have issues as VCS checks if a resource is running on ALL systems in the SystemList, not just the system a resource is currently online: So supose \\SQLserver01\Connect_Batch is on node1 and \\SQLserver02\Connect_Batch is on node2, then for both these resources, I think VCS just checks if share Connect_Batch exists on the local node and so \\SQLserver01\Connect_Batch will report as online on both nodes (and so will \\SQLserver02\Connect_Batch) so VCS will report a concurrency violation and so for example VCS will offline what it thinks is \\SQLserver01\Connect_Batch on node2, but this is actually \\SQLserver02\Connect_Batch and so \\SQLserver02\Connect_Batch will fault and vice versa.


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I have tested what you say and that seems indeed to be the case. I am able to online them if they are on different nodes but not on the same node. Unfortunately that is not what we would have liked. sad