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Filesystem Archiving Option + netapp cifs selection....

Created: 15 Dec 2011 | 8 comments

Hi all,

we bought the Backup Exec 2010 Archiving Option for archiving our NetApp CIFS shares (we have also the NDMP option for regular backup).

Unfortunately when defining the "New archive job" I can't select my CIFS shares provided by netapp....why? Is it not supported?

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Are you able to select and backup these CIFS shares in a normal backup job?

also does the archiving for normal files in the file server works.

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What do you mean with "normal backup job"?

I can normaly backup my Netapp CIFS folders via NDMP....but I can't select a shared folder on Netapp (for example \\netapp-cifs\myshare) on the backup selection window.

I need to know if I can archive my CIFS shares exposed by Netapp.


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Go to tools -option -network and seucrity -make sure "enable selection of shares" is enabled.

you should be able to select after that.

Take a backup and then archiving...not sure if you can arcihve data of a share though.

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The "enable selection of shares" is already enabled.

To better understand the problem I show you what I find during backup selection:

Instead, this is what I find during archive job creation:

As you can see I can't select Microsoft Windows Network and then I can't find then my Netapp shares....

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In the backup selection screen what happens if you manually create a user defined selection for your share - once this is created does it then show up in the New Archive Job screen?

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You can't mix an NDMP Option environment with a CIFS backup environment as to do a CIFS backup you would have to disable NDMP on your NetApp

Mind you I am also not sure we support the Archiving Option over a share as it might need a remote agent process running on the actual  device that hold the data.

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Hi Colin,

you are telling me that I need the remote agent running on the system that hold the share....but I'm just reading the Administrative Guide

and I can't find any reference about the need of an agent....only server side requirements.

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Hi all,

can I have an official answer to my question?

Summarizing, can I perform file system archiving using NetApp CIFS shares?