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Filter for software usage in the last n days

Created: 10 May 2013 | 2 comments

Not SQL savvy at all!  I'm trying to find a way to pull together a report of all computers that have not used a specified software in N days.  We reclaim licenses of various products all the time and need to know if a department is using less than they paid for and such.  Plus we also automatically uninstall select software that hasn't been used in X days (90, 60, 30).  I want to write this into both a report and filter, but really need it as a filter for a policy target (can use a report that an automation policy exports to a static filter every day, but would rather a straight filter).

Unless there's a better way to do this, that is.  I just don't know what tables and such I need to join in order to create this filter.  I've seen vMMonthlySummary as one of the ones I need and obviously whatever software is in (inv_software something or other).  Need some help otherwise...

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You need to deploy the Application Metering pligin and then create and turn on some metering policies.

You can then use our default AM reports.

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I'm not sure I know which default AM reports to use.  I can use the Underutalized report, but it has drill downs, and i'm not sure how to specifically use it as a target for a policy without exporting it as a filter.

For instance, I'd like to have a filter that allowed me to provide a software GUID and an integer in a number of days and have it show me all machines that have that software installed but not used within the amount of time identified by that integer.  I'm really not sure how to accomplish with SQL or which tables to even look at.  I can do it maually, mostly, by exporting the data from underutalized software report, stripping out all the computer IDs that have a NO in the used column and feeding them back into a static filter.  I'd rather something more automated so that our lisence and install count automatically is adjusted with reclaimed installs.

Is that possible without having someone that really knows SQL and the CMDB table structures?