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Filtering incoming/outgoing mail

Created: 15 May 2006 • Updated: 22 May 2010 | 4 comments

Does EV 5 SP5, or any of the related products, have the ability to archive a copy of incoming/outgoing mail to a particular domain? For example, I want to save a copy of all mail coming from, or going to Is that possible?
Thank you.

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Jason Szeto's picture

I know that type of filter is available for EV 5. I don't remember it filtering is available in SP5 by default. It may have been an additional license. I believe Ev 6 has filtering built in.

C H's picture

You can do custom filtering on 5 but tis more enhanced with 6sp2

Ed Jackson's picture

Am I correct in saying that this filtering functionality will determine which mail messages are allowed in, or rejected from being archived/journaled?

Jason Szeto's picture

It depends on what you want your filter to do. You can probably create 2 rules, archive all messages from x domain and delete everything else.