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Final error: 0xe00084ee - An invalid command was sent to the storage device.

Created: 05 Jan 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 5 comments

Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe00084ee - An invalid command was sent to the storage device.
Final error category: Backup Device Errors

I have been getting this error and have had a hard time tracking down the problem. The problem doesn't happen in the same spot all the time. The job logs say that backup is complete, and the byte count seems about right.


I've been with support a number of times and they can't seem to figure it out. Here is what we've tried:

1. delete the devices from BE and re-add them.

2. Made sure we had the latest Symantec Drivers for my robotic libraries.

3. Added a few reg keys to increase storport time out.

4. Verified everything in the device manager is was set correctly. Also un/re-installed the tape drives listed and the medium changers.

5. Checked to make sure that I didn't have any HP services (agents) running or removable storage manager enabled.

6. Ran their tracer.exe utility to verify the SCSI operation was fine. 


So the question is, what invalid command is being sent to the storage device?


Thanks in advanced to anyone who can help me with this.



Info: HP StorageWorks AiO600

Backup exec 12.0 SP2

Robots: MSL2024

OS: Windows Storage Server 2003 SP2


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I have seen this same issue on two client servers, starting from the end of November 2008. Same troubleshooting steps below, minus storport timing changes. This issue is still occuring. On client was told by Symantec support both SCSI cards in their server are the cause and should be replaced.


One of the issues is on a stand alone tape drive. I going to attempt a backup with the vendor drivers to see if they can complete without errors.

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What SCSI controller is being used by each of you?

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There are two different cards in use in our case. Two Adaptec 29320LPE are being replaced per Symantec support and are used with a tape library. The other card is a HP SC11Xe used with a stand alone tape drive.


On the stand alone drive, when the error condition occured the user was unable to eject the tape without reseting the power. The server and SCSI subsystems were up to date with HP supplied drivers and firmware. When Symantec drivers where updated from the version available in April 2008 to the current version, the job speed dropped from 2,500MB/min to 150MB/min. We have not received an error, but the job has yet to complete.

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Today we have disabled the Backup Services and still a cold boot on the drive and server. The Library and Tape Tools was run to verify device status and the media. After that all checked out, we downloaded the latest driver and installed independantly of Live Update. The current driver is version, the halfinch.sys file version is A test backup of about 1.5GB was started. The backup rate started at 260MB/min, and fell to about 16MB/min over the first few minutes. The job is currently verifying, but the job reports media operation terminated by the user after 80MB of data backing up.


Job Log highlight
Error : e0008445 - The media operation was terminated by the user.
Byte count : 80,080,658 bytes
Rate : 14.00 MB/Min


Adam log highlight
Device error 1117 on "\\.\Tape0"


While the Library and Tape Tools repeatedly reported a functioning device, I am starting a new test. The Symantec drivers have been replaced with the HP ones, and a NTBACKUP has been started.

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After backing up with Windows backup, we removed backup exec from the server. Backup Exec was re-installed, but we have not added any device drivers. Backups are working. I think at this point we will run without any updates from Symantec.