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Final error: 0xe0008703 (PLEASE HELP)

Created: 12 Feb 2008 • Updated: 19 Sep 2010 | 5 comments

Dear All.


I have a serious problem, my users files on one folder contain a folders with the name of each user, I made a backup job to backup this users folder as Full Backup Weekly but it always Fail with the following Error


Final error: 0xe0008703 - Job failed running its test run. See logfile for details.

Final error category: Job Errors
Completed status: Failed


I put the backup on a Backup-to-Disk folder on a network drive.


I tried every thing, I delete the Media Set and the Device and recreate them again, I tried to backup to a local partition instead of the network drive, it also fail. I tried to backup with all backup strategies, Full (using Archive Bits) & Full (using Modified time), etc… it also Fail.


If I tried to backup anything other the “Users-Folder”, it backup successfully on the same Media set and the Device and on the network drive also., I don’t know what the problem,


It backups every thing expect the folder which I want to backup.


Anybody can help me in this ??




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It seems you trying to run the test run. Run the actual job and then let me know the results.
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I am having the same problems.  Ever since the last Windows update, many things are going wrong with my drives.  We have 2 removable hard drives which we use for our backups.  After the Windows update, the SQL server "forgot" the logon information, and could not restart.  Once I reset that, the SQL started to work, the backup started to work (in a way).  BUT....many things were missing (Removable Drives, Removable drive folders, schedules, jobs (in the job monitor) and now when I try to run a test run of a backup job, I get this error that you do.


Haven't figured out what to do with this thing??? (but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated).


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I am having the same problem, have you received a solution yet? If so could you please let me know as well?





Patrick Whelan

Senior NetBackup Specialist

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My problems all started when the server did the August Windows update and rebooted.  I ended up deleting the Devices, erasing the Media (on the drives), re-creating the Removeable-Disk-folders (1 and 2), recreating the backup jobs, and doing it all over again.


I don't know if there was a faster solution, but this seems to have helped with the overall problems of things just "disappearing".


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Yes I also face the same problem too, I wonder how did you fixed that on your BE 12.5 ?

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